Knowledgebase: Email
Shared Mailbox Instructions
Updated: 29 July 2019 02:33 PM

Following the migration of all administrative staff and faculty email to OCAD U 365, an audit was conducted on remaining generic mailboxes utilized by departments that are not assigned to one particular user. Generic mailboxes are accessed with separate login credentials and are a security risk to the institution as the passwords could potentially be used by former staff or unauthorized users. The switch to new OCAD U 365 “Shared Mailboxes” eliminates this risk as access is tied to individual credentials.

If you are using desktop Microsoft Outlook clients, this mailbox should auto-populate to Outlook in the next 60 minutes. You may need to quit and relaunch Outlook if you don't see it within 60 minutes. Here is some information about using a shared mailbox in desktop Outlook:
Please note the section "Send mail from the shared mailbox" - you may need to configure the From: address in Outlook in order for '' to appear in the From: line of outgoing mail instead of your own address.

If you use Outlook on the web, this is how you see and manage the contents of the shared mailbox:
Please see the sections: "Add the shared mailbox so it displays under your primary mailbox" and "Send email from the shared mailbox" as they contain important instructions.
Please contact should you require any assistance.