OCAD U 365: Practical Guide to Sharing Documents
Updated: 23 May 2019 10:14 AM


This how-to article will show you how to share folders or documents in a number of ways. These instructions work for both OneDrive and SharePoint.

Items to note:

  • If sharing to an external user (someone without an OCAD U email address), their access will be automatically revoked after 60 days as a security measure. If they require access beyond that, you will need to re-share.
  • Sharing to "Anyone" means that anyone with the link can access the document. Only use this for documents that it wouldn't matter if anyone within or outside of OCAD U sees it.
  • Sharing to "People in OCAD University" means that anyone with an OCAD U email address can access the file via the link you share with them.
  • Sharing to "People with Existing Access" means that anyone who already has access permissions (to an entire SharePoint site, for example) can use the link to go directly to the document or folder.
  • Sharing to "Specific People" allows you to select users to Share with where it will only be available to them (in addition to anyone who already has access)


Confidential Document Sharing

Before following these instructions, please read the Practical Guide to Data Privacy, Confidentiality and Security at OCAD U 

To be in compliance with the OCAD U Data Classification Policyno confidential documents are to be emailed as an attachment. All confidential documents are to be shared or transmitted via an encrypted method such as using the share function (see above) with the "Specific People" option or via other encrypted methods such as a removable device.

If a document is deemed to be an exceptionally high risk document that may result in very serious repercussions, you may decide to share by not only using the "Specific People" share function but also by password protecting the document as an added measure. If you choose this method, be sure to provide the password for the document via a separate means of communication than email. This can be via Teams, SMS text message or phone call for instance. 

If you are concerned about sharing a confidential document please don't hesitate to contact itsecurity@ocadu.ca or ocadu365@ocadu.ca for assistance and guidance from our on-staff security and 365 function experts between the hours of 9am and 5 PM Monday - Friday.