Copy & Print Services: Ricoh 5th station Order Form
Updated: 26 March 2019 09:50 AM

Ricoh 5th station Order Form (The Chit)  

 Hello there! In this KB Article we will be going over each component of the Ricoh 5th station order form to help you when getting ready to place an order at Copy & Print Services.  


1.a: Name   
Where you’ll write your name so your order can be identified  

1.b: Contact Info 
Where you’ll write down a phone number or an email you may be contacted at during the printing process  

1.c:  Student ID  
Where you’ll write down your canvas log in name for identification and payment purposes. 

1.d:  File Name  
The name of your file(s) so we can keep track when completing the order.  

2.a: Page Size  
Here is where you’ll check mark which size of paper you’re looking to have your document printed on. 

2.b: Number of Pages 
How many pages are in the document itself?  

2.c: Number of Copies  
How any copies of the entire document you’re looking to have? 

2.d: Colour 
If you will be printing in colour 

2.e: Duplex 
If your document is needing to be printed double sided 

2.f: B&W 
If you will be printing in Black and White  

2.g: Scale to Fit 
If you’re looking to have your image fix exact to the page dimensions so nothing would get cut off.  

3.a: Finishing 

This refers to the other chits we have here at copy print, reference 3b and 3c for more details 

3.b: Binding 

If the print job that you have submitted required to be bound in any way through the various binding options that we provide. From here we would take and fill out a binding chit.  

3.c: Trimming  

If your document has trim/crop marks on it and you’re wanting us to trim your print for you, you would check mark this box and we would charge the pricing we provide for trimming jobs.  

4.a: Media Type 

Here is where you’ll check mark what type of paper you would like your document to be printed on. It has all of the paper stocks that we are currently providing here at the shop. These are the only paper options that we have, as we are not taking custom stock for 5th station jobs.  

4.b: Spot Colour 

This is a main part of this chit. Here is where you will select what 5th colour toner you’re wanting to print with. The price per pass of colour is an additional $0.25 cents ontop of our standard laser pricing.  Once you have check marked your colours and how many passes you are looking to complete, a copy print associate will total how much the passes would cost. (EX: You want to print with Neon Yellow and Neon pink? The total would come to $.50 cents)  

5.a: Total Price 

Here is where the total price for the entire job would go. A copy print associate will clarify how much everything will cost with you and then write it down for tracking purposes.  Please refer to our pricing KB article for more details. 

5.b: Pick-up Time 

The time that your job will be ready to come and pick up. The time for your job will depend on when you submit it, and how many different colours and passes you are looking to print, as well as the type of job. For reference to pick up times and general time management when creating a file for the 5th station, please refer to our Turn around time KB article for more details.

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