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Copy & Print Services: Ricoh 5th Station Pricing
Updated: 24 July 2020 01:37 PM

Ricoh 5th Station Pricing

Prints on the Ricoh cost the same as Standard Laser Printing (See price chart here), with the exception of specialty colours  and black paper.

Each pass of specialty colour is $0.25, in addition to the regular cost of printing. Duplex printing, and double passes each count as a separate pass, and incur an extra $0.25.


Neenah Black Cover Paper

Neenah Black Cover paper is available for printing on both our Standard Laser Printers, and on The Ricoh 5th Station (where it is used for white toner printing). Pricing for Neenah Black Cover paper is as follows:


Black Cover (100lb)


Colour Monochrome

Single Sided

Double Sided

Single Sided

Double Sided


$            1.75

 $               2.50

 $            1.50

$               2.25





$            2.75


 $               3.50


 $            2.00


 $               2.75



Pricing Breakdown Examples

A) If you were to print Letter, Plain Text, Duplex, CMYK + Neon Pink the cost break down is as follows:

Letter, Plain Text, CMYK, Duplex = $1.60

Neon Pink = $0.25

Per Sheet Total = $1.85


B) If you wanted to print Tabloid, Neon Blue Paper, White Toner, Neon Yellow Toner, Neon Pink Toner, the cost break down is as follows:

Tabloid, Neon Blue Paper = $1.50

White Toner = $0.25

Neon Pink Toner = $0.25

Neon Yellow Toner = $0.25

Per Sheet Total = $2.25


C) If you wanted to print on Letter, Neenah Black Cover, Double Pass of White Toner, CMYK, the cost breaks down as follows:

Letter, Black Cover, CMYK = $2.75

White Toner (First Pass) = $0.25

White Toner (Second Pass) = $0.25

Per Sheet Total = $3.25