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Copy & Print Services: Printing from a USB
Updated: 26 March 2019 09:50 AM

Printing from a USB 




Be sure to format your USB to FAT32 if your USB is not formatted properly "The removable memory is not formatted" may appear when [Format] is pressed, all data in the external media is erased.


1. Swipe your student I.D. card to log in to your PaperCut account. Select [Device Functions].

2. Review your account details and press [Next].

3. Insert USB.

Insert USB


4. A box will appear recognizing your USB press [yes]. If your USB is inserted and the info box does not appear hit the [Home] button and select [Removable memory].

5. Select your file and press [Print]. **Note** A file that is 4.0KB in size thumbnail is not your print file! If your file is contained in a folder select the folder and press [Open] and choose your file. 

Choose your file to print


6. Choose your appropriate print preferences i.e copies and finishing

7.[Press Green Start Button]

8. Collect your prints!