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Continuing Studies Students
Updated: 17 September 2020 10:18 AM

Usernames & Passwords

  • Existing users at OCAD U use their existing credentials, and are taken to the black OCAD U login page to log in

  • New users will continue to the Continuing Studies Registration System.
    • Once your register at  you will receive your username and password via two separate emails.
    • You can log in to Wifi and on-campus desktops using your username and you do not need to prefix the username with "ACS\". 
  • After registering, when you log in again, log in as an existing user, and you will be required to reset your initial password.

Available Services

With your account you can access:

Commonly Asked Questions

I'm unable to register because it says my email is already in use?

If you are a returning student, please contact Continuing Studies at extension 2321 or email to have the staff look up your account.

What is my Username?

Continuing Studies usernames start with X followed by 6 digits after.  You should have received your credentials in an email upon registration.  If you previously had a cs_ prefixed account, please contact Continuing Studies at extension 2321 or email to have the staff look up your new X ID.

What is my password?

Please go to the article How to Reset My Password if you need to change or have forgotten your password and need to reset.

Where are all my courses in Canvas?

You will get access to your course data in Canvas 30 days prior to the start of classes and will be available up to 2 weeks after the last day.

It is less than 30 days until my first class and I still don’t have access to my course in Canvas!

If you are not seeing any courses in Canvas, you may have one of the older cs_ usernames.  Your Canvas course is attached to your new X ID mentioned above.  To get your X ID please contact Continuing Studies at extension 2321 or email