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Non-Student/Non-Employee Access
Updated: 13 April 2021 01:14 PM

Guide for the Non-Student/Non-Employee Access Request Form 

Please use this form to request Non-Student/Non-Employee (NSNE) access for the person(s) you are sponsoring. You must be an OCAD U employee to request NSNE access

If you have questions please contact


If the users only require guest wireless access (Level 1), the attached form is not required. Follow instructions for requesting guest wireless access here:

Any access requests should be made at least 24 hours in advance. 


As OCAD U continues to grow and expand an increasing number of individuals who are neither students or employees are engaged in authorized activities on campus.

Based on broad consultation, and in collaboration with OCAD U Human Resources, a new process has been developed by IT Services to automate and standardize the provisioning of services for authorized non-employee/non-student users.  This category includes visiting artists, scholars or researchers, research sponsors, unpaid interns, tutors, contractors, Imagination Catalyst participants, Continuing Studies students, etc.

For OCAD U employees requesting and sponsoring provisioning of services to non-employee/non-student users, please complete the “Request for Non-Employee/Non-Student Access to OCAD U Services” form here:  Through submission of this form access will be enabled, provisioned and de-provisioned based on established service levels.  

Through this process we will improve service delivery to important, sponsored members of our community who are not registered as students or employed by the university.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Permissions/Access is granted on the Start Date of contract/term you input. If a Mailbox is required, an additional 24 hours is needed. To minimize down time consider setting the start date in the application to be 1 or 2 days earlier.


NSNE Levels


Role Access Level
AGO Faculty Affiliate 2
Adjunct Faculty Member/Researcher 3
Auditor 3
Board Of Governors (External) 2
Continuing Studies Student 2
Experiential Learning Contact 2
Graduate Faculty Member - Senior Scholar 3
Health & Wellness Centre Intern/Volunteer 3
Imagination Catalyst Founders/Entrepreneurs 3
Centre for Students with Disabilities Notetakers/Interpreters 2
Self-Supported Post Doctoral Fellow 3
Student Union Manager 3
Temporary Admin Staff from Agency/Contractor 3
Temporary Library Staff 3
Visiting Professors/Graduate Students 2
Construction Contractor 2