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Security: How to Find a Senders Email Address
Updated: 14 November 2018 10:47 AM

Why check the email address?

The senders name and address is one of the easiest things to manipulate about an email.  Virtually anyone can send an email that looks like it's from  To avoid people impersonating OCAD U staff and students our networking team has put a safeguard in place which keeps any email originating from outside our institution which uses the or address from being accepted.

What this means is that every phishing and fraud attempt is going to have to use a different email address.  eg., (notice we replaced the "o" in ocad with a zero).

Many applications require different actions to reveal this information. This article will help you find the proper method for your device.

Outlook 2016/2018 and Web Based Outlook:

Outlook 2016

Outlook Webmail sender example

 These applications are pretty straightforward.  Any external email puts the email address in angle brackets next to the senders name.  If there is no email address then it comes from an internal source.

Outlook for iOS (using an iPhone or iPad):

To see the senders address here.  Tap on the senders name:

Outlook for iOS sender name

The email address will appear beneath the senders name.

Mail for iOS (using an iPhone or iPad):

To see the sender address in mail on iOS is a two step process. First you need to tap on the details button.

mail for ios sender example 1

Now when the name is displayed in blue.  Tap on the senders name.

mail for ios sender example 2 

The email address will be displayed in a separate panel.

Mail for macOS (using a Macintosh computer):

Under macOS mail all you need to do is click on the displayed name.

Mail MacOS sender example 1

The senders email address will appear in a drop down list.

Android Mail:

Android users need to click on the "person" icon next to the senders name.

Android Sender Example

The sender address will appear on a separate panel.