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Copy & Print Services: Student Monitor Hiring Practice & Evaluation Procedures
Updated: 29 August 2018 08:46 AM

- Recruitment Period: Summer (July-Aug)
- Interview Period: Summer (Aug-Sept)
- Training Period: Fall (Sept-Oct)
- Evaluation Period: Fall (Dec)
- Post-Eval Action: Winter (Jan)
- Final Evaluation Period: Spring (May)
- End of Contract: Spring (May)

- Application for IWSP hours submitted
- Review of Monitor Duties (If required)
- Communication Plan is Drafted
- Tweets
- Posters
- Announcements via DRUPAL

- Job Posting is put up, Interviews will be scheduled as candidates apply.
- Aside from merit, applicants must also be IWSP eligible (working a full course-load for both semesters).
- Interviews are single-stage and one-on-one; they are meant to analyze the candidate's inter-personal skills, technical flexibility, organizational capacity and self-confidence (See Job Desc.)
- Successful applicants will then be offered a probationary position.
- This probation lasts for the entire Fall Term.
- Training begins as approximately 3 focused 'training shifts' followed by up to 3 weeks of 'shadow shifts' or for the remainder of the first month of Fall Term
- During this time scheduling is committed to for the remainder of the Fall Term following the conclusion of the shadow shifts
- Before the end of Fall Term, all Monitors (probationary or otherwise) will be evaluated by Full-Time Staff members.
- Discretionary action (if necessary) will be communicated to the Monitor in January
- This discretionary action may include (but is not restricted to):
- Disciplinary action
- Workflow critique and advice
- Schedule adjustments and availability clarification
- The Monitor is then given the first half of the Winter Term to improve (if necessary)
- An informal evaluation will occur during the midterm period to review the Monitor's trajectory, and if action must again be taken.
- At the end of the Winter Term, Management convene again to evaluate the Monitor's performance. It is at this time that it is decided whether or not Monitors are fit to be re-hired.
- Final term days may vary, as do final contract days. After these days the Monitors are no longer employed by the department.
- Following evaluations, Monitors may voluntarily request our evaluation results and our decision to re-hire.
- Returning Monitors who have been approved by Management for re-hire can bypass the initial application process, however they must inform the Manager of their intent to return before the end of the initial application period.
- Monitors who are not considered for Re-Hire but would like to apply may do so, however they will be specifically scrutinized regarding their reliability in accordance to what was discussed during evaluations.