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Copy & Print Services: Waterfront Campus Copy/Print
Updated: 24 August 2018 01:46 PM

**Draft as placeholder**

  •  The device is now onsite, and is capable for walk-up service
    • This means copying and print/scan via USB is the only service available
  • -PaperCut is not going to be a factor now as there are too many incompatibilities with standard operation
    • Essentially we’re going with a different accounting system embedded into the device
    • This means there will be authorization based on a pin/password for each office
  • Anyone with access to the Wifi, has the driver installed into their computer, and has the pin/password can access the device
  • We’re working on getting the accounts up and available, but it will take some time as we’re not able to get onsite right now
    • I’ve attached a sample of the Invoice you’d be typically receiving. I’ll still be receiving them solely, then forwarding them over to you
    •  Once the support position has been filled we’ll be working closely with them to make sure they’re up to speed in all aspects required to maintain the device. We’ll be sure to document everything for the operations playbook you mentioned at our last meeting


  • We’ll be sure to update you when we get network printing up and running, right now we’re hoping during the week of the 10th-14th (September), but we’re going to see if we can get onsite to try and run tests beforehand.