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Laptop Program: Laptop Imaging
Updated: 14 September 2020 01:47 PM

What does "image your laptop" mean?

When we refer to the "image" in the Laptop Program, we are talking about the optimized software installation that we place on your laptop computer.

  • We create a script that installs the operating system (macOS or Windows) and all the software that is required for a program. We can then simply run that script on any laptop.

  • This process wipe out all data on a computer. It's a perfect reset of the laptop.

  • The process allows you to step through the first time setup. You retain full control of your computer: you have administrative access in the operating system to your laptop, so you can install additional software and manage system updates.

  • We image computers rather than perform manual installations because: 
    • It's faster. A basic image for Macs takes about 2 hours.
    • There are no install discs to lose or serial numbers to save
    • If your computer becomes unstable due to a software problem, we can easily "reimage" your computer rather than diagnose the issue which usually requires a complete reinstall.

Do I need to backup my laptop first?

Yes. Here are the instructions: Laptop Backup 

How do I put all my files back?

On macOSRead this article on Migration Assistant 
On WindowsBackup and Restore in Windows 10