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Online Meetings and Webinars
Updated: 03 September 2020 09:03 AM

Online Meetings and Webinars Microsoft Teams and Zoom

If you are looking for a solution for audio, video, screen sharing and synchronous work during the COVID-19 closure, use Microsoft Teams.

Teams - Quick Start Guide for Faculty
Teams - Quick Start Guide for Students

IT Services offers a few modern online enterprise solutions. Each platform has unique strengths and capabilities, please refer to the comparison chart to help determine which platform is most suitable for your needs. 

Comparison Chart: OCAD U Online Meeting platforms 

OCAD U Services (Pro / Licence) Microsoft Teams
Similar Online
Meeting Platforms
Adobe Connect
Ideal for 
(intended use)

Internal meetings
External meetings

Internal meetings 
External meetings (computer audio only)



Telephony Bridge (1-800 Toll Free) Yes No
Cost Yearly Subscription of $120 plus Telephony Charges Free
Anonymous Users Join Yes Yes
Threaded Messages Yes Yes
File repository Limited Yes
Chat (Messaging) Limited Yes
Channels Yes Yes
Screen sharing Yes Yes
Outlook Integration Some Yes
Waiting Room Yes For Anonymous Users Only
Recording Capability Yes Yes


How to request service

Both platforms are self service service and can be accessed by a computer, mobile device or smart Boardroom (MCA 287, RHA 322, RHA 714, RHB 1115) with webcam and microphone. 

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