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Troubleshooting FAQ for Printer Issues
Updated: 19 June 2020 01:45 PM

Troubleshooting FAQ for Printer Issues 

Print Shop Ext. 202 

Email – 

MFD = Multi-Function Device  

SFD = Single Function Device 


How do I replace consumables? (Toner/Waste Toner) 

  • Follow instructions on the display screen 
  • Instructions are also included in the toner/waste toner boxes 
  • Mark boxes of empty toner with "Empty" or "Used" so the supply monitor knows to recycle and restock 

How do I solve a paper jam? 

  • Follow instructions on the display screen  
  • Make sure to check the entire “Main Unit Cover” (right hand side of MFD) for paper on and below the belts and rollers located on the removable "door" 
  • If you think you have cleared as much as you can check the paper trays for any misalignments 

The green power button is flashing but when I press it nothing happens! 

  • The machine has gone into power saver mode 
  • Hold down the flashing green button until device “wakes up” 
  • If the device does not turn on a power cycle will be required. The main power switch is located on the far right hand side about half way up the back edge 
  • Wait 1 minute before turning power back on 

An orange screen appears asking to select another paper tray 

  • The designated tray is out of paper, please choose another tray 
  • After helping the user, please retrieve paper from AV to fill the empty tray ASAP 
  • The wrong size document was sent to the wrong tray; choose another paper tray that will accommodate your physical print size.  

The device is having troubles “connecting to server” 

  • Check to see if the Ethernet cable is connected 
  • The PaperCut server may be down temporarily - check your student email for any IT notifications 

I cannot associate my ID card with PaperCut 

  • Make sure you are inputting your OCAD U username and password correctly.  
  • The device is case sensitive! 
  • You must press the shift key once to activate caps you must press shift again to go back to lower case 
  • Stop by the print shop for activation is all else falls 

Where can I find paper to load the paper trays? 

  • Every week a supply monitor stocks AV loans with paper for public printer distribution  

User-Specific/Advanced Issues 

  • When contacting Copy & Print about user issues, make sure you have the following information, so that we can provide informed assistance.  
  • Username/Student Number 
  • When the file was sent to print 
  • How the file was sent to print (I.e USB, PaperCut Web Print, Desktop Client) 
  • File name 
  • You can also send a user to us directly in case administrator privileges are required

The file won't print  

  • Check the file size 
  • Check the file type 
  • Check the print method (Web Print, direct from USB, etc) 
  • If the user was charged when the error occurred, the system will refund the job within 24 hours. If this has not happened, send the user to the shop.