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Copy & Print Services: Custom Stock Guidelines
Updated: 18 July 2018 09:22 AM

This guideline is to establish OCAD U’s Copy and Print Services custom stock rules, requirements and restrictions. 


The following applies to the entire OCAD community as well as public patrons. 


Defined Terms: 


Registration - Print alignment within the specified page size  

Duplex - Printing on both sides of the sheet  

Media - Paper stock 

Monitor – An OCAD U student currently employed by Copy and Print Services 


All custom stock is subject to our approval. A Copy and Print Services employee has the right to refuse any custom stock that is proposed. We train our monitors and clerks to be consistent with relaying information however; each individual has varying comfort levels with media types. 

Printing on custom stocks can be risky. Sometimes the printer can jam or malfunction; as such,   we cannot guarantee a perfect result.  

If something goes wrong with your custom paper stock, responsibility lies with you and payment is still required.  

We always recommend bringing in additional sheets as a backup. If a stock is recommended by Copy and Print Services, issues may still occur, including but not limited to paper jams, toner streaks, misalignment, inconsistencies within the image etc.   

If you are printing duplex, you risk the registration being off. Our machines duplex mechanically, and because of this, due to varying weights and dimensions of media, misalignment can occur. Three attempts at correcting the issue may occur after which it is up to the discretion of the Copy and Print employee to determine if alignment is feasible. 

- Copy and Print Services does not guarantee image quality with custom stock. There are many factors that contribute to colour accuracy which vary between all substrates when sent through printing devices such as texture, weight and the substrates overall condition. 


Tips for preparing your custom stock for our printers:  

1. Have any deckled or rough edges trimmed straight 

2. Make sure your paper is trimmed square (90 Degree corners) 

3. Know the dimensions of your paper  

4. Paper that is a standard US or International paper size is more likely to print successfully  


Choose your paper wisely by asking to look at our Paper Books with paper stocks from Aboveground.