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Updated: 14 June 2018 01:17 PM

Submitting a print job to 


Best Practices 

Please follow our guidelines for file preparation to ensure that we will be able to print your file. Keep in mind, we only accept PDFs, TIFFs, or JPEGs.  

In your email, include Instructions for the following: 
-day/time required for pickup 
-number of copies 
-paper size 
-paper type/weight 

You may also consider the following questions: 
Will your file be printed in colour or black and white? 
Does it need to be stapled? 
Is it confidential (such as a test or exam)? 
Does it require trimming or any other finishing? 
Finally, you must note how the job will be paid for - shared account, personal account, or departmental account code. For personal accounts, your balance can be topped up via Payable. Please include the account code for any jobs being paid for by your department.  

Shared accounts are to be used for monochrome printing and copying. Information on shared accounts can be found here.    


Job Turnaround & Hours of Operation 

Please note our guidelines for turnaround time and rush ordering. Our hours of operation are 8am – 5pm Monday-Friday for the summer term, and 8am-7pm Monday – Thursday; 8-5 on Fridays for the Fall and Winter terms.