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Copy & Print Services: Refund Alternatives
Updated: 07 April 2020 02:41 PM

*COVID-19 NOTICE: Please note that the following procedures may be adjusted to accommodate the current campus situation.*


What happens to my balance when I graduate? 

Please see our website for the refund policy 

If you have a remaining balance on your account, you are still able to charge printing jobs to your PaperCut account after you graduate, but you will not be able to add funds via Payable. If you no longer have a balance in your PaperCut account and cannot add funds via Payable, please see our guidelines for alumni and external customers below. The balance will remain under your username for approximately 4-5 years, pending system refresh/changeover.    

Can I transfer print funds to a friend? 

You can! PaperCut account balances can be transferred to any current student, faculty member, or member of staff. The owner of the account the funds are being transferred from must be present. Photo ID must be presented.  It must be completed at the Digital Print Centre (Print Shop) at 51 McCaul St.

What happens if I add funds to my materials account instead of my Papercut account? 

Unfortunately, funds cannot be transferred between the two accounts.  

I am an external customer/OCAD U alumni – how do I pay for my print job? 

We are not able to process debit or credit transactions at the Print Shop, and cash transactions require exact change. We can build you a quote ahead of time so that you can bring cash, or we can create an invoice that you can take to OCAD University's cashier at 230 Richmond St. You can then return to the Print Shop with your proof of payment to pick up your print job.