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Administrative Printing - Add/Remove Printers for Mac OS X
Updated: 06 March 2019 03:21 PM

These directions explain how to add a networked printer on Mac OS X via the SMB protocol.


OLD Admin Printing Server: OCADDC4.OCAD.CA


NEW Admin Printing Server: papercut-win1-its


Administrative Printers List and Location

Printer Name  Department Location
ABVC-SFD-01 Indigenous Visual Culture Student Centre & Services Aboriginal Visual Culture
Admissions-MFD-01 Admissions & Recruitment 1st Floor, 230 Richmond
Catalyst-MFD-01 Imagination Catalyst 8th Floor, 230 Richmond
CS-SFD-01 Continuing Studies Office Continuing Studies
CSD-MFD-01 Centre for Students With Disabilities MCA 316
CSD-SFD-01 Centre for Students With Disabilities MCA CSD
Development-SFD-01 Development & Alumni Relations 10th Floor, 230 Richmond
Facilities-MFD-01 Facilities & Studio Services Room 120, 115 McCaul
Facilities-SFD-01 Facilities & Studio Services MCA Mail Room
Finance-MFD-01 Finance Finance Office
Finance-SFD-01 Finance RHB 715
Finance-SFD-02 Finance 7th Floor, 230 Richmond
Finance-SFD-03 Finance RHB 715
FOA-SFD-01 Faculty of Art Office Faculty of Art
FOLASIS-SFD-01 Faculty of Liberal Arts & Science Office FOLASIS Mailroom
HR-SFD-01 Human Resources RHB 720, 230 Richmond
HWC-SFD-01 Health & Wellness Centre Health & Wellness Centre
IT-SFD-01 IT Services MCA 317
IT-SFD-02 IT Services IT Services, 230 Richmond
Library-SFD-03 Library Services Library
Marketing-SFD-01 Marketing & Communication 10th Floor, 230 Richmond
MCD-1F-MFD-01   1st Floor, 115 McCaul
MCD-2F-MFD-01   2nd Floor, 115 McCaul, Open Area
MCD-3F-MFD-01   3rd Floor, 115 McCaul
MCF-110-MFD-01   230 Richmond St W, 5th Floor
MFD-015   RHA 420 Hallway (205 Richmond, 4th Floor)
MFD-026 Financial Aid and Awards Financial Aid and Awards
President-SFD-01 President's Office President's Office
Registrar-MFD-01 Registrar's Office Registrar's Office
Registrar-SFD-02 Registrar's Office Registrar's Office
RGS-SFD-02 Research & Graduate Studies Office Research & Graduate Studies Office
RHB-5F-MFD-01   RHB 303
Security-MFD-01 Safety & Security Services Security Office?
StudentSuccess-SFD-01 Student Success Programs Student Success Programs Office
VisualResources-SFD-01 Visual Resources & Special Collections 8th Floor, RHB 230 Richmond
WLC-MFD-01 Writing & Learning Centre Room 510, 113 McCaul
WLC-SFD-01 Writing & Learning Centre MCC 5F, Writing & Learning Centre
WLC-SFD-02 Writing & Learning Centre MCC 5F, Writing & Learning Centre



1) Open System

2) Click on "Print & Scan" and unlock the preference pane (if necessary).

3) Click on "+" underneath the list of printers and select "Add Printer or Scanner..." in the menu that appears.

4) An "Add" window will appear. If there is not already an "Advanced" button in its toolbar (on top, alongside "Default", "Fax", "IP", etc.), you'll need to customize the toolbar. Control+click on the toolbar area and select "Customize Toolbar...".

5) Drag the "Advanced" item up onto the toolbar and click "Done".

6) Click on the "Advanced" button.

7) Then enter/select the following:

  • Type: "Windows printer via spoolss"
  • Device: "Another Device"
  • URL: smb://papercut-win1-its/<insert printer name here>  ( Find the Printer name of your printer at the end of this document )
  • Name: enter a descriptive name here (suggestion: include the queue name so that IT Help Desk can help troubleshoot later, if necessary)
  • Location: enter the location for your reference
  • Use: Generally select "Select Printer Software...", locate the appropriate driver for the printer, and click "OK"


9) Click "Add".


10) Configure the appropriate installed options for the printer, then click "OK".

11) The first time you print, you will generally be prompted to authenticate with your OCADUID credentials. Please enter OCAD\<netID> and your password. You may save your credentials in your Keychain by first checking the appropriate box in the authentication window.


Once that is complete you can now use your printer.