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Updated: 03 March 2021 11:24 AM

What is the minimum price for a wide-format print?

Print Output

Min Print Size


Max Print Size


Min Sheet Size


Max Sheet Size


Wide Format Laser

8.5 x 36"

$2.12 (BW)

36" x 50'

$150 (BW)







$3.36 (CMYK)


$237.50 (CMYK)





5 Colour Inkjet*

8" x 24"


24" x 126"


8.5" x 11"


24" x 60"


8 Colour Inkjet*

8" x 42"


42" x 126"


8.5" x 11"


42" x 60"



*We do not stock cut sheets for our inkjet printers, so you are required to bring your own paper if you wish to print on a sheet. Inkjet prints on cut sheets require a 2" margin on the trailing edge of the sheet. 

**Note that even if a document/image is smaller than the width of the roll, it will be charged at the full width of the paper, so an 18” x 24” document printed on the wide format laser printer would be charged as 18” x 36”.


Do you offer discount pricing for bulk orders?

We do offer discounted pricing for bulk orders. Please speak to a member of staff to request a quote. Typically, bulk pricing begins at the following quantities:

Standard Colour Laser  – 100 sheets

Standard Black & White Laser  – 500 sheets

Wide Format Laser or Inkjet – 50 sheets


Why is it so expensive to print a standard letter sized colour document?

Most outside print shops are able to lower costs due to their ability to provide high-quantity jobs on a regular basis. Our shop is a regularly low volume establishment that instead focuses on quality of service and technical knowledge that would often come at a premium at other establishments.


Why do inkjet prints cost more than laser prints?

Inkjet prints cost more than laser prints for many reasons:

  1. Laser printers use toner (inexpensive) and inkjet printers use ink (expensive).
  2. Inkjet printing produces a sharper and better quality print.
  3. Inkjet paper is more expensive than laser paper stocks.


Will I be charged for my online order if it was not completed?

If, for any reason, your online order cannot be completed you will be notified. Your account will not be charged.


Will I be charged if there is a paper jam, or if I don’t receive my prints from a public printer/print release station?

All self-serve printers on campus run checks on a 24 hour period. If there was a system error while printing your work, it will "ping" the system and your account will be refunded. If you have not received a refund, please come to the shop with your original file and user id.  


Finishing Services


What is included in the $5 cost for binding?

We offer Plasikoil, Wire-O, Comb, or Saddle Stitch binding.

Covers (clear acetate cover and matte cover back) can be included for an additional $1.

Trimming can be included for an additional $2. Saddle stitch binding includes trimming at no additional charge. All trimming jobs require trim marks and bleed. 

All binding jobs require a turnaround time of 1 hour.

Variant page sizes will incur an additional $5 charge.


What is the cost for foamcore mounting?

Please see the price chart for standard size mounting costs. 

If you request a 24" x 36" mounting job that requires full bleed, you will need to print larger than 24" x 36" in order to account for bleed and trimming. You will not be charged for the excess materials, only for the dimensions of the finished job.

Orders with dimensions longer than 64” are considered ‘custom mounting’ and may incur an additional fee/extended turnaround time.

All mounting jobs require trim marks and bleed. 

All mounting jobs require a 24-hour turnaround time.