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OCAD U 365: Getting Started with Microsoft Forms
Updated: 24 July 2020 02:12 PM

Getting Started with Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a part of the Microsoft 365 suite providing a quick, easy way for you to collect information, conduct surveys from internal OCAD U faculty, staff or students, or external users to OCAD U. 

What is Microsoft Forms good for?

What are the primary features of Microsoft Forms?

  • Who can fill out forms?
    • Forms can accept responses from internal and external users allowing “Anyone with the link can respond”
    • Or, “Only people in my organization can respond” and you can require name and restrict one response per person
  • Options for responses
    • You can activate or deactivate the form
    • Start and End Dates
    • Shuffle questions
    • Email responses
  • Download all responses in Excel
  • Microsoft Forms is secure

What is Microsoft Forms not good for?

  • Do not ask for passwords, social security numbers, passport identification numbers, or credit card numbers or your Form will be flagged for Phishing.
  • Any kind of Survey, Poll or Quiz with more than 5000 responses 

How can I learn more about Microsoft Forms?