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Faculty and Staff: How do I create an Adobe Connect room?
Updated: 07 March 2016 04:00 PM

Top Tips for Good Adobe Connect Meetings

  1. Connect to our Adobe Connect instance always using HTTPS
  2. Almost always use Single-Speaker Mode with Connect.

    Enable Single Speaker Mode

    This only allows one speaker to talk at once. Use the hand raising feature, for others to talk and mute yourself when required. It's possible for everyone to talk, but we recommend headsets and using the Full Duplex audio. Remember, it's just like real life when people talk over one another: no fun.
  3. In the Meeting > Preferences > Video, use 4:3 video and set the settings to High.

    Video Settings

  4. In the Meeting > Preferences > Microphone, set your audio quality to High or Custom (Echo Path 256, Noise Suppression and Non Linear Processing. We caution against enabling the Speex codec: there is an Adobe KB article that states that if you record the conversation, and you have an active video pod, you may get audio drift.

    Audio Settings

Adobe Connect Documentation

Creating a New Adobe Connect Room

1. Log in to Adobe Connect at using your Faculty or Admin username and password.



2. Click Create New: > Meeting Room



3. Give your meeting a Name: (required), Start Time and Duration. We also recommend giving your meeting a easy to read Custom URL.

4. Choose a level of Access: for your room. If your  is not confidential, we recommend using Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room.
5. If you restrict your room to Only registered users you will need to add them on the next screen.
6. Click Finish.

7. You may be required to update your Flash Player, and install the Adobe Connect Add In

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