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OCAD U 365: Manually Adding a Shared Mailbox to Outlook
Updated: 01 June 2018 10:45 AM

This article is intended for administrative staff users who have delegated access to a shared mailbox with 'Send As' permissions.  This does not apply to distribution lists or delegated access to other users' mailboxes (eg. Assistants with delegate access to a supervisor mailbox).

In Office 365, a shared mailbox is a new concept that attempts to simplify access and licensing of "generic address" mailboxes (eg.  These types of mailboxes are typically monitored by multiple team members and aren't associated with only a single user. The team needs the ability to reply as if the email is coming from the shared mailbox address (Send As) and to be able to easily know if another team member has responded to an inquiry.

By default, when IT grants permission to a shared mailbox, they are "auto-mapped" to an end user's Outlook client within 60 minutes.  That is, once permissions have been granted, the mailbox will automatically appear in your Outlook client. This is a fantastic feature in theory - and an IT dream. However, at the present time, there are some limitations:

  • "Auto-mapped" mailboxes do not use the From: address of the Shared Mailbox when replying to mail. Instead, by default, the user's primary address is used.
  • In some instances, the copy of the sent message is only stored in the responding user's Sent Mail folder and not the shared mailbox Sent Mail folder.

These limitations can cause confusion among the other team members with access to the shared mailbox, as it is not obvious who has responded to what message.  In addition, if the recipient of the message replies back, it goes directly to the person who responded and not the shared mailbox. Microsoft will hopefully rectify these limitations in future updates to the service.

The best workaround for these issues is for IT administrators to disable the auto-mapping flag when a user is granted permission to the shared mailbox. Users will need to use the following steps to manually add the shared mailbox to Outlook instead to avoid the auto-mapping limitations:


In Microsoft Outlook (Windows):

  • Click the 'File' tab in the top ribbon
  • Click on 'Account Settings' and click on 'Account Settings...'
  • Click on 'New...'
  • For 'Your Name:' enter in the description of the shared mailbox (eg. Room Bookings)
  • For 'E-mail Address:' enter in the e-mail address of the shared mailbox (eg.
  • Leave the password fields blank (Note: Shared mailboxes do not have unique passwords)
  • Click 'Next'
  • It will take approximately 5-10 seconds for the discovery process to complete, at which point a credentials window will appear
  • The username field of the credentials window will auto-populate with the e-mail address you entered on the previous screen
    • Delete it and replace it with your own credentials in the format:
    • Type in your password
    • Click 'Remember my credentials'
    • Click 'OK'
  • If you entered in correct credentials, set up will complete at this point and the mailbox will appear in the left pane.

You will now be able to send mail from the shared mailbox and the From: address will appear as the shared mailbox, not your personal account.

Note:  Once the above has been done, if you notice that sent mail is still not being copied to the 'Sent Mail' folder of the shared mailbox, please contact IT Services at to request that a configuration change be made to the shared mailbox that enables copies of sent mail to be stored with the shared mailbox.