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Updated: 28 June 2018 08:36 AM

Inkjet Test Prints

Every printer is different, and the key to proper printing is proofing. A test print is the most fundamental aspect of proofing; evaluating elements of your images to ensure expectations are established.

Specify the printer you would like to use for your test print (5-colour vs 8-colour)

  • 5-colour
  1. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (Photo & Matte)
  2. Maximum size of test print = 8.5” x 24”
  • 8-colour
  1. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (Photo &Matte), Grey, Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta
  2. Maximum size of test print = 8.5” x 42”

*It is of utmost importance to determine which printer you would like your final order to be completed on before sending through a test print. The colours are quite different between the two devices. 

Test prints are FREE, with an 8.5" height

  • Limit of one test print per requested order after which the appropriate amount for an inkjet print will be charged for any further test prints
  • Any final output smaller than the intended test print is not eligible for a ‘free’ test print

How to build a test print:

  • Must not be scaled
  • Should include sections of the image with:
  1. Subtle tonal shifts
  2. Bright or vibrant colours (neon)
  • Green or orange
  1. Full-Colour greys (greys with a mixture of colour to add temperature to them)
  2. The blackest black
  3. The whitest white
  • Pantone colours (No simulation charts are available)


Inkjet Example Print:

McCaul Looking North

5-Colour Inkjet Test Print example:

5-Colour Test Print


8-Colour Inkjet Test Print Example: