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Laptop Program: Purchasing Used Computers
Updated: 10 February 2021 01:29 PM

Students are always looking for lower cost options to purchasing a new computer, and purchasing a used laptop is sometimes a cost effective option depending on the age and wear and tear on the machine, and whether it is still covered by the manufacturer's warranty. 

Pitfalls of Purchasing Used Laptops

  1. You cannot inspect whether a laptop has incurred liquid damage or is exhibiting other invisible issues before purchase.

  2. Sellers can misrepresent the specs of a laptop. We have seen examples where sellers misrepresented the specs of a computer by modifying macOS to fake the computer specifications.

  3. Some used equipment is overpriced for its age.

  4. It is impossible to know whether the laptop has been reported as stolen.

  5. Laptop can contain malware or pirated software from previous users, or other undesirable data on the drive.

Advice for Purchasing Used Laptops

  1. Purchase used equipment from reputable resellers who have a return policy. Some GTA Apple resellers deal with used equipment, and provide support for these machines. 

  2. Try to purchase a laptop that has an existing manufacturer's warranty like Applecare.

  3. Avoid purchasing used computers from private individuals.

Alternatives: Apple Refurbished Computers

  • Apple and other manufacturers have Certified Refurbished Sites which offer warranties and support. It's like buying a brand new computer, except a bit cheaper. 

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