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Copy & Print Services: Pricing Adjustments for FY 17/18
Updated: 23 August 2017 02:06 PM

Pricing Adjustments for FY 17/18

After analyzing data and volume from our previous years, Copy & Print Services has decided to make adjustments to our pricing structure, namely in the form of a few price increases. 

New prices are as follows:


Simplex (Single-sided)

Duplex (Double-sided)

Letter - 8.5x11

$ .10

$ .15

Legal - 8.5x14

$ .10

$ .15

Ledger - 11x17

$ .15

$ .25


Why did the price go up?

Several Factors:

- Renovation costs from our recent move from 100 McCaul Street to 51 McCaul Street
- Increase in services and quality of service through inclusion of our Digital Output Centre (DOC)
- Increasing wages for Student Monitors (via the provincial Minimum-wage increase incumbent)

In summary, our operation exists as a Cost-Recovery business. By increasing our prices we are able to provide a high quality of service to our Customers, fair compensation to our staff, and securing the proper equipment for our needs for the present and the future.


Questions and concerns can be forwarded to:

Pat Navarro, Manager
416-977-6000, Ext. 203