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Zoom: How to Schedule a Meeting
Updated: 20 July 2020 02:29 PM

Zoom How to Scheduling a Meeting

Tip: All Zoom attendees must have latest version of Zoom client, app or web browser installed to participate. Please notify your attendees in advance. 

To avoid unwanted guests
-Never share your meeting details (ID and password) on a public forum or social media
-Always use meeting password
-Do not use your personal meeting ID, since this ID are static and can be comprised
-Enable Waiting Room (set by default)

If you are scheduling a meeting for another user, select Enable join before host under meeting option. Remember Only hosts can grant access into a meeting, screen share and end meeting. 

Log on to Zoom ( select Schedule a Meeting link (located on the top right corner).

The following screen will appear.

Zoom Scheduling a meeting step 1

1. Add meeting details (Topic, Date, Duration) and choose from the following Zoom options.  

Under Video (when joining a meeting), set the default video setting to ON or OFF for host(s) and or the participants. This option can be changed during the meeting.

Under Audio, choose how participant connect their audio, by telephone, VoIP or both. if you are unsure how participants will be connecting, choose Both  

Under Meeting Option
Select Require meeting password

Select Enable join before host, if you are creating a teleconference meeting or if you are scheduling a Zoom meeting for another user. Note Basic accounts will only allow a meeting duration of 40 minutes with 3 to 100 participants.  

Select Mute participants upon entry, if you wish to limit any noise associated with the start meeting.

Select Enable waiting room, to prevent unwanted guests or when you require control when an attendee joins.

Select Record the meeting automatically, if you wish to record start recording your meeting immediately.

2. Click Save button

Confirm your Zoom meeting details on the following screen

Confirm Zoom Details Step 2

3. Select Copy the Invitation link and paste details into Outlook calendar meeting.

All scheduled meetings can be found under the Meetings tab under Upcoming Meeting.


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