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OCAD U 365: Mail - Focused Inbox Feature
Updated: 28 July 2017 10:54 AM

Microsoft has recently released a new feature to users of Office 365 Mail (also known as Exchange Online) called Focused Inbox (formerly known as Clutter).

Focused Inbox helps you focus on the emails that matter most to you. It separates your inbox into two tabs—Focused and Other. Your most important emails are on the Focused tab while the rest remain easily accessible—but out of the way—on the Other tab. You’ll be informed about email flowing to Other, and you can switch between tabs at any time to take a quick look. Focused Inbox works with you to prioritize what's most important. What lands in Focused Inbox is based on the content of the email (e.g., newsletters, machine-generated email, and so on) and who you interact with most often. If you need to fine-tune your Focused Inbox, Move to Focused and Move to Other options are available to do that.

Here is more information about this feature:

This feature is available in the Microsoft Outlook mobile applications, Outlook on the Web, and Office 365 versions of Office 2016 for Mac and Windows.  Managed systems (that is, a system managed by IT Services) at OCAD U typically do not run the Office 365 (called Click-to-Run) version of Microsoft Outlook, and will not see this feature as available in their desktop client, but will see it in Outlook on the Web (via


Users may or may not wish to use this feature.  Information about disabling or enabling this feature in Outlook on the Web is available here:

Outlook on the Web (


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