OCAD U 365: Access and Sync Departmental Files to Windows Computer
Updated: 04 December 2017 02:33 PM


The purpose of this article is to instruct administrative staff how to access and store a local copy (should they choose to) of departmental files and folders to their Windows computer. 

Please note: Microsoft Edge browser will not allow you to sync. Please use any other browser if you choose to sync, though Chrome is recommended.  

1. Log in to the OCAD U 365 portal at 365.ocadu.ca and select the tile icon in the top right of the browser window.

Step 1


2. Select "All" and scroll down to find "Departmental Sites". Click the "..." icon and select "Pin to Home". Then select the "Departmental Sites" icon. 

Step 2


3. On the Departmental Sites page you will see a menu on the left that will list all department or committee departmental sites (where the documents are located) you have access to. Select the one you wish to map to your computer. 

Step 3


4. You will now see the folders and files that are stored in the departmental site. If you choose to sync files, select "Sync" from the menu bar.

Step 4


5. Two pop up windows will appear. In the top window, check the box marked "Remember..." and select "Open Microsoft OneDrive" or "Open URL: OneDrive Client Protocol".

Step 5


6. When the next window pops up, select all folders from the departmental share that you wish you store locally on your computer. If your department has a fairly large amount of files, it is advisable that you only select those that you use on a regular basis in order to save space on your computer. Select "Start Sync".

Step 6


7. When you open your "file explorer" you should see a folder called "OCAD University" and within it the departmental folder that you are syncing. Allow time for the sync to complete. 

Step 7


You may now work on your files from here and they will continuously sync to the cloud. The files may be accessed locally on your computer or via a browser at 365.ocadu.ca. No VPN is required to access these files if you are not plugged into the OCAD U network. 

If you do not see the "OCAD University" folder in your "Favorites" or "Quick Access" bar, go to the Windows C: Drive, select "Users" and select the folder that corresponds with your OCADUid (OCAD U username). Within that folder you should see a folder titled "OCAD University" which contains the departmental files within it. You may then right click and select "Pin to Favorites" or "Pin to Quick Access".