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How to Move Archived Emails from H: to your OCAD U 365 Inbox (post-OneDrive Migration)
Updated: 01 June 2017 10:43 AM

As a result of the file migration from H: drive to OneDrive, some users are unable to access archived email that were saved to PST files on H: and connected to their Outlook profile. This is caused by Microsoft Outlook attempting to locate an archive file on H: that is no longer present since the files have been moved to OneDrive.

IT Services recommends that all archive emails be moved to your OCAD U 365 hosted Inbox. Office 365 offers 50 GB of mailbox storage space so there is no longer a need to archive email messages to PST files.

Below are instructions of how to do so on your Windows computer within the Outlook application:

1. In the Outlook application, navigate to your Account Settings and select the "Data Files" tab. 

2. You will see a list of files associated with your Outlook profile. Carefully scan the filenames under the "Location" column and note any that end in a .pst extension or start with a path name of "H:\".

3. Select each (if there are more than one) .pst file and click "Remove". This will not delete any emails.

Important: Do not remove any data files that end with a .ost extension.

4. Click "Add" and browse to your "OneDrive - OCAD University" folder and locate the .pst file that you would like to add to your Outlook profile.

5. You will now be able to see all of your archive folders/emails in the same way that you did prior to the file migration. Select all of the emails in the archive folder (Ctrl-A will select all).  Click and drag the selected messages to your Inbox folder.  Wait for the move process to complete.

6. Once all of your archived emails are moved to the Inbox you may go back to Account Settings > Data Files > Remove the .pst file(s) that you had previously added.

All of your archived email is now stored within your Office 365 cloud mailbox and will be accessible via web mail in addition to your Outlook client.

If you require assistance with this, please email and a Help Desk staff member will assist you.