OneDrive: Configure and Migrate Files (Mac) - Admin Staff
Updated: 01 May 2017 09:47 AM

Please note that all H: drive files will be locked to "Read Only" starting March 25, 2017 to ensure a smooth transition to the OCAD U 365 file storage and collaboration solution called OneDrive. Once you have clicked and dragged your files into your new OneDrive folder, you can continue work in the foreground during the transfer. Even a large amount of files are not likely to take much longer than a half hour to migrate.

Before you move your files, you will first need to install the OneDrive application and then move your files from the H: drive to the new folder. Please follow each step carefully.

Installing OneDrive on your computer
Migrating files to OneDrive

1. Open the "App Store" from your Applications folder.

Step 1

2. Search "OneDrive" and click "Install"

 Step 2

3. Allow the application to install.

Step 3

 4. Click "Open" when installation is complete.

Step 4 


5. Enter your OCAD U email address into the field provided and click "Sign In" 

Step 5


6. This window will pop up but will soon redirect to the OCAD U branded sign in window (see next step). 

Step 6


7. Enter your OCADUid (also known as your OCAD U username) and password and click "Sign In".

Step 7


8. Select "Choose OneDrive Folder Location"

Step 8


9. In the left panel of the window select "Documents" (or any location you wish to store your OCAD U files) and select "Choose this location"

Step 9


10. Select "Next" 

Step 10


11. Select "Next".

Step 11


12. Check the box for "Open at login so my files sync automatically" and then select "Open my OneDrive - OCAD University folder" 

Step 12



13. Now it is time to migrate your current H: drive files (or locally stored OCAD U related files should you wish to) to OneDrive. Navigate to your H: drive files, select all, click and drag to "OneDrive - OCAD University" in the left panel. If you do not see "OneDrive - OCAD University" in the left panel, locate the "OneDrive - OCAD University" folder and click and drag it under "Favorites". 

Step 13


14. You will see the following 2 windows once you click and drag your files. Allow for the files to migrate fully before putting your computer to sleep or turning it off. Note that even a large amount of files shouldn't take too long, especially if you are plugged in to the OCAD U network or are on a high speed wifi connection. You may continue your work in the foreground. (See Step 15 if you encounter an error pop up during this step) 

   Step 14a   

Step 14b


15. You may encounter an error window during this process. If so, follow the instructions in the window to fix the issue. The example below is a filename that is too long. It will instruct you of the problem file so that you may go into your files and fix it.

Step 15a


Once the files have all migrated and the sync is complete, you may access your files at any time on your computer regardless of your location. You may also access your files via a web browser by logging in to the OCAD U 365 Portal at and clicking on "OneDrive".