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Updated: 24 July 2020 02:02 PM

The myOCADU App allows OCADU students to quickly access useful information related to their studies and campus experience.

Included are the following modules:

Dates and Deadlines

The Dates and Deadlines module allows users to view important dates such as term start dates, religious observances, and registration/payment deadlines throughout the academic year.



Service Alerts

Service Alerts will display information regarding closures of campus locations, any type of planned or unplanned IT outages, inclement weather notices, or campus accessibility issues.



Library Searches

The Library Search module allows users to link to the DH Hoover Library, Toronto Public Library, and the UofT Library online search pages to look for resources.



Important Numbers

This module displays a list of department contact numbers for general department inquiries.


Emergency Numbers

Displays the extension number to the security desk at the main campus.



Contact Directory

The Contact Directory module will allow users to search for a specific employee and will display their title as well as an email address to contact them.




The Buildings module allows users to view a map of OCADU campuses and get directions.




Opens the official OCADU Twitter feed.



The News module links users to the official OCADU news feed.


Student Resources

Students can find important information related to being a student at OCADU.  It has links to deadlines, program guides, health & wellness info, course catalogs, and other resources a student would need while enrolled at OCADU.



My Courses Module

The Courses module allows OCADU students to view information about the courses that they are taking or teaching.



Events Module

The Events module allows users to view upcoming events around OCADU campus.


Final Grades Module

When users enter the Grades module, MyOCADU Mobile displays the most recent term for which the student has midterm or final grades recorded. Users can tap Terms to select from a list of any other terms for which grades exist.


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