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Papyrus: FAQ for Students
Updated: 02 June 2017 11:27 AM
This is a student FAQ page for Papyrus.
Q: What is Papyrus?
A: The Papyrus system is a platform that delivers alternative format files for students electronically.
Q: Who administers the Papyrus system?
A: The Papyrus system is administered by the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) staff where alternative format requests are made and Visual Resources (VR) processes the request and uploads the files into Papyrus. 
Q: Who can use Papyrus?
A: The students who have gone through the intake process with the CSD office will be able to login and use the Papyrus system.  
Q: How do I access it?
A: Students can login with their OCAD U login credentials here at the Papyrus link:
  • Please make sure you close the browser to fully log out of Papyrus. 
Login Screen:
Login Screen
Q: What is the Papyrus Terms of Use?
A: The Papyrus Terms of Use explains the conditions you will agree to while using the Papyrus system when you click on the "I accept these terms" button. 
Papyrus Terms of Use
Q: When will my materials be available in Papyrus?
A: The notification email will be sent to your student email to let you know that your files are available for download. Or you can check by logging into Papyrus and checking under "My Item". 
Get Item
Q: How do I download my files?
A: The files that you can download will show up in your download folder. 
Click To Download

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