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TechSmith Relay - Uploading Videos with the Classic Recorder
Updated: 09 January 2020 06:03 AM

The Classic version of the TechSmith Relay application is used to record but it also has the ability to upload previously created videos to your TechSmith Relay Library.

  1. Launch TechSmith Relay. If prompted, enter your OCAD U username and password.

  2. Click the Upload button at the top left side of the window.

  3. The Upload Content window appears.

  4. Drag files into the window or select files to upload by clicking the Add Media button.

  5. Click Submit All to upload the video(s) to the TechSmith Relay server. The server will process the videos. You will receive an email when the videos are ready to share.

To share videos in Canvas, please refer to one of these Knowledgebase Articles:

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