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OCAD U 365: Configure Email on Outlook for Windows
Updated: 22 July 2020 02:29 PM

Please note: The following steps are only necessary when not plugged in to the OCAD U network on campus. If you are on campus and plugged into the network following the migration, simply restart Outlook and it will automatically configure. 

1. Open "Control Panel" and select "Mail (Microsoft Outlook)" 

Step 1


2. Click "Show Profiles" 

Step 2


3. Click "Add..."
/!\ If you already see your profile listed in the window below, click Remove and then re-add for best performance.

Step 3


4. Enter a Profile Name and click "OK" (You may enter any profile name you choose).

5. In the Auto Setup enter the following:

1) Ensure E-mail Account is selected.

2) Enter your name under "Your Name".

3) Enter your OCAD U email address under "Email Address"

4) Enter your email password (OCAD U password) under "Password".

5) Click "Next".

Test Cupcakes


a) IF you see this window pop up, click "Use Another Account":


b) In the first field, enter your Your OCADUid is your username - eg. jdoe, doej, 3150001. This is the username format required by Microsoft for Office 365. It is not to be confused with your OCAD U email address. 

c) Wait a few moments for it to locate the mail server settings. 


6. Click "Finish".

Step 6


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