Knowledgebase: OCAD U 365 Email
Faculty & Staff: Configure OCAD U 365 Email on iOS Device
Updated: 05 June 2019 09:44 AM

Note: OCAD U IT Services no longer supports the use of 3rd party Mail and Calendar applications.  This includes:  Apple Mail, Apple iCal/Calendar, GMail, any mail application that ships with an Android device.  These apps will often work, but do not provide the best experience.  In addition, as we work to implement two-factor authentication for users, many of these applications will no longer function.


If you have configured your OCAD U email account in any 3rd party application (such as those listed above), please remove the account from your device settings.


You should install the Microsoft Outlook application from the App Store and configure your OCAD U email using as the username.


  • Download the Outlook app from the App Store:, then open the application.
  • Enter your full email address (eg. or, then tap Add Account.  Note that your email address may be different from your OCADUid (username).
  • You will be prompted for your OCADUid and password.  If asked your OCAD U 365 username is in the format: (regardless of what your email address format is)
  • Some users are two-factor authentication enabled and will be required to approve a push notification.  Most users are currently not enabled for 2FA.
  • Accept any prompts for permissions you may receive to complete the set up.



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