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Canvas: How do I add Course Reserves to my course?
Updated: 26 August 2020 01:01 PM

As of January 2017, instructors can add the Course Reserves item to their course navigation without having to submit a request to the library. For more information about Course Reserves, see the Library's resource about Course Reserves and the Course Reserves LibGuide.

The Course Reserves Canvas integration takes the form of an item in your course's navigation menu:

 Canvas screenshot - course navigation highlighting the "Course Reserves" item

The Course Reserves navigation item is available on all undergraduate and graduate courses, but it is hidden by default. To make it visible to students: 

  1. Navigate to your course, then click the Settings link in the course navigation.
  2. Select the Navigation tab at the top of page.
    Canvas screenshot showing course settings link and navigation setttings tab
  3. Find the Course Reserves item, and drag it up from the list of disabled items to the list of enabled items. 

    Or, use keyboard navigation to select the Edit Course Navigation controls for the Course Reserves item, select Move, then follow the prompts.
    Canvas screenshot indicating dragging the course reserves item up   

    Canvas screenshot showing the keyboard-friendly method of moving the navigation item
  4. Click Save
  5. Click the Course Reserves link in the navigation menu. It will now be visible to students.
    Canvas screenshot indicating the Course Reserves navigation link

 reserves-1.png (46.70 KB)
 reserves-2.png (128.08 KB)
 reserves-3.png (116.82 KB)
 reserves-3b.png (117.42 KB)
 reserves-4.png (117.49 KB)