Updated: 13 March 2017 01:53 PM

The Dashboard application at is scheduled to be decommissioned on March 24th, 2017. 

Why decommission Dashboard? 

When we moved from My Courses to Canvas in 2012, certain aspects of My Courses were retained as Dashboard. Most of those aspects have been replaced with newer services, which are better integrated into our current environment. Since the implementation of MyOCADU (Colleague) and Canvas, much of our digital infrastructure has changed. Dashboard has never been properly retrofitted to support those changes, and support has been limited to the minimum required to keep it running. Maintenance on Dashboard is now time-consuming and error-prone. It has reached the end of its usefulness, and requires too many resources to keep running.


What does this mean for me? 

All materials stored on Dashboard (including materials uploaded to My Courses) will not be available as of February 24th. If you would like to keep a copy of anything stored on Dashboard, please log in at and download any files, class lists, grades, or other material that you wish to keep. 


What about Faculty Biographies?

To edit your faculty bio, you can now login at with your OCAD U username and password. Your bio should be displayed on the list to the left. If you don’t see your bio listed, you can either search for it at and place a claim on it, or login and post a new bio with the options on the sidebar. If you have any issues logging into the system or accessing/posting your bio, please contact


What will happen to records of submitted grades and class lists?

Records of submitted grades that are currently available in Dashboard include grades submitted between Fall 2008–Summer 2015. These records will no longer be available. Records of grades submitted Fall 2015 and later will still be available through Canvas. Please note that this applies only to the record of the submitted grades. Final grades are still recorded in the registration system, which is the record of authority. 

Class lists for courses that occurred in 2004–2011 will be removed. Class lists for courses from 2012 onward will still be available through Canvas.


How can I retrieve my content from Dashboard?

You can find your courses and Virtual Studios from the "Archive" menu option at the top of the page. You can download all of the files in a course or studio by clicking the "Export files" button. 

You can download a class list as an Excel file by navigating to the Admin > Class list page, then clicking the "Download Excel" button. 

Other material, such as assignments and notes, can be copied and pasted into a Word or text document. 


If you have any questions, please contact IT Help at