Knowledgebase: Administrative Staff
One User - One Computer
Updated: 08 March 2021 10:06 AM

About OCAD U Computers

Desktops and Laptops are owned by the institution regardless of which departmental budget they were purchased from. IT Services is responsible for supporting and maintaining all OCAD U owned computing technology. 


  • Software Licensing:
    • IT Services negotiates software licenses based on FTE and Device installs. There are additional costs for every extra computer added to our inventory.
  • Support Resources:
    • IT Services supports all student, staff and faculty computing on campus with limited resources. Supporting more than one computer per user increases our support overhead and this is unmanageable and unsustainable. 
  • User Experience:
    • Managing files and profiles across two computers is problematic - we do not recommend this practice, nor do we support it. 
  • General Office Use Laptops:
    • Departments have asked for general purpose laptops that can be shared among their staff, this is problematic because:
      • Laptops utilize "local" user accounts - this means that IT staff must create multiple local accounts on these computers - this is not supported
      • Sharing a user account is problematic due to data security - we are bound by legislation to keep private any student or staff data - sharing a user account permits multiple users to access data in an unmanaged way exposing the institution to risk.
      • We manage all computers on campus with software that can deploy security and software updates over the network. It has been our experience that shared office laptops are more often offline than they are online - this prevents us from applying important security and software updates and this is a security risk and liability for the institution. 
      • When computers do not receive software updates the user experience is compromised due to file incompatibility, update prompts during presentations and sometimes forced reboot.


Q: Our department frequently needs to take notes at meetings and we all use desktops - how can we get a laptop to take notes during meetings?

A: The AV Help Desk can loan you a computer for this purpose and other temporary laptop needs. Strongly consider purchasing laptops for departmental administrative support people to facilitate note taking and presentations.


Q: I prefer to work on a desktop when I'm in the office but I also travel a lot and require a laptop when I'm on the go, how can my needs be accommodated? 

A: Many users on campus use their laptop as their primary computer. Purchasing a keyboard, mouse and monitor and connecting these to your laptop essentially makes your laptop a "desktop" while you are in the office. Please consult with the IT Services Help Desk for guidance.