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Adobe Enterprise ID: FAQ for Faculty and Staff
Updated: 08 August 2018 09:26 AM
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Faculty and Staff: Why do I want an Adobe Enterprise ID?

An Adobe Enterprise ID links your OCAD U identity to Adobe: it allows you to use all of Adobe's amazing services and mobile apps.

In the past, Faculty and Staff enabled Adobe Creative Cloud with an Adobe ID, using a Redemption Code (like students). The process of obtaining redemption codes from was fraught with too many steps.

Do I need to cancel my existing Adobe ID?

Yes. If you previously used a redemption code through to unlock a 1-year subscription, and gave your credit card information to Adobe, they will charge your card once the subscription lapses from your previous redemption code.

To cancel your personal account, browse to:

Learn more at

Faculty and Staff: How do I install Adobe Creative Cloud?

  1. Browse to 
  2. Click Sign In in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Enterprise ID
  3. You will be presented with the black OCAD U login page. Sign in with your OCAD U username and password.
  4. Log in with your OCAD U username and password
  5. Click Desktop Downloads
  6. Locate and Download Creative Cloud application
  7. Install it
  8. You will be prompted to log in again. Select Enterprise ID. Adobe IDs are for personally held accounts.

    Adobe ID
  9. Follow the instructions to install your Applications.
  10. You're done! Learn more from the video below.

What are Adobe Creative Cloud Services?

How do I log in?

Choose Enterprise ID when prompted

Adobe ID Adobe ID 

What is an Adobe ID?


Adobe ID is created, owned, and managed by the end user. Adobe performs the authentication and the end user manages the identity. Users retain complete control over files and data associated with their ID. Users can purchase additional products and services from Adobe. Admins invite users to join the organization, and can remove them. However, users cannot be locked out from their Adobe ID accounts. And the accounts can't be deleted or taken over by the admin.

Adobe has several ways to manage user identities with Creative Cloud. Up until September 2016, OCAD University has been distributing Redemption Codes which you can use to activate a Creative Cloud Subscription with an Adobe ID.

What is an Adobe Enterprise ID?

An Enterprise ID is created and owned by OCAD U, and linked to the OCAD U authentication system, so that you can use your same OCAD U username and password to log in to a service. 

There are some caveats to using an Adobe Enterprise ID, as it is a different and distinct identity from your personal Adobe ID.

  • Your access to Adobe Creative Cloud lasts for as long as you're a faculty or staff at OCAD U. We will refresh access to Adobe Creative Cloud on an annual basis.
  • When you sign in as an enterprise user, you're signing in as a new user created by your organization's administrator. You can think of this as a separate account, distinct from the one that you're currently using.
  • Data is associated with a user, and since an enterprise user is effectively a new user, such as design libraries, files, fonts, app settings, Adobe Color themes, and Behance portfolios are not automatically transferred to the Enterprise ID account. Data remains available with the personal Adobe ID account. If you need access to this data, it's necessary to manually migrate data between accounts.

Read more at  

Do students have Adobe Enterprise IDs?

NoWe are providing Adobe IDs to students. Students will access all the same great resources and apps.

What if I want to move my assets from an Adobe Enterprise ID to a personally held Adobe ID?

It is not possible to move assets, libraries or Behance profiles from an Enterprise ID to an Adobe ID, hence why we provisioned Adobe IDs for students. It is possible to do the reverse however: