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Students: How do I apply for a job with IT Services?
Updated: 06 July 2018 12:47 PM

Are you a hard working student looking for a job on campus? 

IT Services employs students at the AV and IT Help Desks, and the Academic Computing Studios

Working with IT Services is a great opportunity to get some valuable job experience, learn new skills and be part of a team. We value applicants who show enthusiasm for technology and have excellent customer service skills. 

Graduating with some valuable job experience and people skills is a great thing! From a Globe & Mail article:

“While grades and educational credentials are certainly important to recruiters, companies are increasingly focused on finding people who can work in teams, solve complex problems and show a willingness to learn" 

Note: Students eligible for IWSP funding are preferred. Read more:

Job Descriptions

AV Help Desk

Academic Computing Studios

IT Services Help Desk

How do I apply?

Please email a resume and cover letter to and let us know what makes you an excellent candidate. We value customer service skills and experience be that in retail, technical support or otherwise.