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Canvas: I built my outline using the Course Outline Builder, but I don't see my outline.
Updated: 26 August 2020 10:38 AM
  • When you've completed the steps in the Course Outline Builder, the Save & Finish button on the last tab will close the Course Outline Builder and inject your outline content into the Canvas text editor. However, this is not the last step. 
    Canvas Screenshot

  • There is one more step: save the content that was generated by clicking the Update Outline button:
    Canvas screenshot
  • If you've already left the page without clicking Update Outline, don't worry. Everything you entered into the Course Outline Builder will still be there. Open the Course Outline Builder, skip to the last tab, click Save & Finish, then click Update Outline.


 outline-screenshot-1.png (185.57 KB)
 outline-screenshot-2.png (220.14 KB)