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Avoiding Accidental Damage to Laptops
Updated: 23 March 2018 10:34 AM

From time to time, people damage computers. Damage is expensive, not covered by Apple's warranties nor OCAD University's insurance, and hence why we ask that Borrowers take full responsibility for equipment at OCAD U, and this applies to all faculty, students and staff.

What Can I Do to Prevent Damage?

  • Keep drinks far away from your laptop to avoid liquid spills
  • Always keep your laptop stored in a good case
  • Don't overload your laptop case or put heavy things on top of your laptop
  • Watch for power cord or display cable tripping hazards that could send your laptop flying
  • Don't leave anything on the top of your laptop next to the keyboard as it can break the screen
  • Use a protective plastic case on your laptop to avoid small bumps

What is Damage?

Damage is different from warranty defects, cosmetic blemishes and normal wear-and-tear. Apple maintains Visual/Mechanical Inspection Guides for defining what constitutes a legitimate warranty defect versus what is considered accidental damage. These definitions determine whether an Apple product can be serviced under AppleCare or whether it is issued an out-of-warranty repair.

Examples include:

  • Cracked, impacted LCD screens due to drops, items left on the computer and then closed or pressure to clamshell

    Damaged Screen Damaged Laptop 

  • Dents in the bottom or top case due to drops
    Damaged Laptop Damaged Laptop

  • Water or liquid damage to the main logic board

    Damaged Laptop Damaged Laptop

Why Do We Repair All Damage?

We require a fully functioning, "circulation quality" fleet of laptops for students and faculty to use on campus. Circulation quality means:

  • The hardware operates as per Apple's Guidelines
  • Runs Art & Design software required for curriculum
  • Free of Damage

If you return equipment and we discover damage, unfortunately you will be responsible for correcting the issue.

What does Damage Cost?

Damage Type Part Approximate Cost
Display Damage

13-inch Retina Display

  15-inch Retina Display $750 – $800
Liquid Damage 13-inch Retina Main Logic Board $600
  15-inch Retina Main Logic Board $500
  SSD-256GB $500 - $650
  SSD-512GB $900 - $1020
Case Damage 15-inch Retina Top Case/Keyboard $200
  13-inch or 15-inch Retina, Bottom Case $115