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Canvas: How do I use the Course Outline Builder?
Updated: 26 August 2020 11:30 AM
  1. From your Canvas course, click Outline from the course menu.
  2. Click the Course Outline Builder button in the top-right. 
  3. A panel will appear, walking you through the steps to build your outline. When you have completed a tab, select Save and Next to save your progress and move to the next tab.
  4. Checkboxes appear on each tab to indicate which steps have been completed. Tabs with optional content will display a box with a horizontal line.
  5. When you've completed all the steps, move to the last tab. You can click the Preview button to see how your outline will look.
  6. Click Insert Outline to insert the outline content into the Canvas text editor.
  7. At this point you can apply additional formatting to the outline. When you're done, click Update Outline.

Note that the outline content will be added to the Canvas text editor; it will not replace any existing content. If you've already inserted the outline, delete the content from the text editor before clicking Course Outline Builder.

Your progress is saved when you click the Save & Next button. You can close the Course Outline Builder and return to it later.

You can use the content you add on the Class Schedule and Assignments tabs to create Assignments and Modules in your Canvas course. Click the Export button at the bottom of those tabs to create content in your Canvas course. 

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