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Laptop Program: Software for 2018-19
Updated: 08 January 2019 09:42 AM

Starting this year, you can access almost all the software required for your program without a visit to the IT Help Desk. While we will still provide the software imaging service for students who need a fresh start on their recommended laptops, students can elect to install everything they need themselves.

Note: Graduate students in a program other than DFI or IAMD are not enrolled in the Laptop Program, and need to opt-in to access software

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Access Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps, mobile apps and services using your Adobe ID.


Autodesk AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, Revit and more

Access Autodesk desktop apps, via Autodesk Education at

Note: we recommend and support the Windows/PC versions only. MacOS versions are not fully-featured (and not all apps are available as a Mac version


Bootcamp (Windows 10 on your Mac)

Students in the Industrial Design and Environmental Design programs that are using Apple Macbook Pros will likely need Bootcamp on their machine. Bootcamp allows you to run the Windows 10 Operating System on your Mac. Students in other academic programs may elect to install Bootcamp if they wish. The Windows 10 installer and license can be retrieved from To install Bootcamp, please see the following Apple Support article


Cycling 74 Max

Access Max at

Eligibility: GART-1031, INTM-2004, INTM-2017, INTM-3029

Access software tutorials from experts on via


Maxon Cinema 4D

Learn more on how to register with Maxon to get your free license of Cinema 4D at


Microsoft Office

Access Microsoft Office for Mac & Windows by logging in to and retrieving a serial for Office.

Note Mac users using Office 2016 may be required to create a account with your personal email address.


Microsoft Windows 10 Education

Access Microsoft Windows by logging in to and retrieving a serial for Windows


Rhino 3D

Access your Rhino 3D serial number and activation code at

Eligibility: Material Art & Design, Environmental Design, Industrial Design and all Digital Futures Undergraduate students.


Sketchup Pro 3D

Access your Sketchup 3D serial number at

Eligibility: Environmental Design students


Adobe OpenType Font Folio

Access Font Folio at

Eligibility: Graphic Design and Advertising Students


Software Only Available at the IT Help Desk




Eligibility: INTM-2006