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Blogs: Introduction to OCAD U Blogs
Updated: 22 July 2020 09:03 AM

IT Services provides a WordPress Multisite instance that is available to all students, faculty, and staff.  All users with valid OCAD U credentials have access to this service automatically.

Getting Started:

Go to: - this is the main landing blog for this service where information may be posted regarding updates, problems, or maintenance.  There is also a search feature to find other blogs on the service and a way to contact IT Services with any questions or concerns or to request course, departmental, or special project blogs.

Direct Login:

You login to this service with your OCAD U username and password.  If you change your password, it changes for this service automatically.

If this is your first time logging into the blog service, a personal blog will be automatically created for you based on your username.  It will be accessible via the URL format:<username>

Things to be aware of:

- As this is a service provided to aid in curriculum delivery and the student experience at OCAD University, use of this service is restricted only to OCAD U users.

- It is not possible to add an external (non-OCAD U) user as an Administrator or Editor of your blog.

- All blogs are publicly visible to the Internet by default.  Privacy options are available if desired from the Blog Dashboard -> Settings.

- It is not possible for students to change the URL format of their blog.  All student blog URL's are based on username only.  All users have full control over blog title and all other related content.

- Faculty requiring blogs as part of their course delivery must request blog creation via this form.  The URL format for your course blog is pre-defined based on course code, duration, semester, and section code.  More information can be found here.

- There is no automated process for students to be added/removed to/from course blogs based on enrolment.  Faculty are kindly asked to request their course blogs before the start of the semester, leaving enough time to add students (by username) to the blog at the appropriate permission level as well as perform their customizations to the blog.  Up-to-date course enrolment lists can be obtained via the Canvas LMS system.

- For security reasons, users of this service are not permitted to install their own WordPress plugins and themes.  We have provided a number of default plugins and there are over 100 themes to choose from.  Special requests for new themes or plugins can be made by contacting an IT Services Help Desk or by using this Contact form. Please note that themes and plugins must be actively developed, work with the newest version of WordPress, and be deemed free from security vulnerabilities at the sole discretion of IT Services.