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Laptop Program: Ad Hoc Software Purchases
Updated: 19 January 2016 03:18 PM

Some students may require software for their courses, but the correct fees may not have triggered on their accounts for various reasons. Students can purchase software from the Laptop Help Desk by:

  1. Take this list to the Cashier. Indicate which Software package you required
  2. Pay the Cashier. Bring the paper receipt to the Laptop Help Desk
  3. Take your receipt to the Laptop Help Desk. The Laptop Help Desk will provide the software and stamp your receipt.

Prices below are subject to change.

Laptop Program Opt-in Software Fee

Mobile Computing Fee

Print Fee




Rhino 5


Rhino 5 Upgrade


Dragon Frame



Type Tool


Cycling 74 Max 7


Font Folio



Please purchase online at