Copy & Print: Indesign Booklet Print Fix
Updated: 22 February 2016 05:25 PM

This package is for students and staff who wish to use Adobe InDesign's Print Booklet functionality to output a Postscript File.

If you are attempting to output a booklet and cannot set paper size and orientation, this package installer will add the ability to change these options.


Run the attached package "Indesign_Booklet_PSFix.pkg" to fix page layout issues when printing booklets from InDesign.

After running this package on your computer, the following procedure should be followed:


  • When printing an InDesign Booklet to a Postscript file, students will need to select a PPD to use in the Printer Settings dialog.
  • The PPD setting will be set to ‘Device Independent’ by default, but should be changed to ‘Acrobat Distiller’.
  • Page layout options should then be completely configurable.


This package has been added to Laptop Program images as of December 11 2015, so this should fix this issue on computers being imaged from this date forward. 

 indesign_booklet_psfix.pkg (28.87 KB)