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Laptop Program: Adobe ID for Students
Updated: 07 September 2020 09:36 PM

What is an Adobe ID and why do I need one?

As a part of the Laptop Program, IT Services activates an Adobe ID for all students in the Laptop Program that is associated with your student email address.

This allows you to access your subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps, use Creative Cloud mobile apps, libraries and services seamlessly across your devices using your OCAD U identity, all without a visit to the IT Help Desk. An Adobe ID is a personally held identity with Adobe.

How do I activate my Adobe ID?

  • Students should have received an activation email to set up their Adobe account. Check your student email inbox for a message from Adobe - Subject line "Access is Granted"
    • Within that message is a blue button that says “Get Started” – click on it – it will take you to the Adobe website in your web browser
    • On the new Adobe website page that has appeared, your student email address should be in the "email address" box - if it isn't (because you have auto-fill set on your web browser), remove your personal address and type in your full student email address.
  • Your Adobe ID is your student email address. 
    • For new students your Adobe ID is 
    • For students who were registered prior to March 2020, your Adobe ID is the old version of your student email (e.g. or 
  • If you did not receive an activation email:
    • Browse to and log in. You will be prompted to set a password. If this does not work:
    • Select Forgot Password and reset your password. The password reset link will send to your student email.

Is my username and password the same as my OCAD U ID?

No. This is one service at OCAD U that does not use the same username and password as your regular OCAD U username and password. Your username and password information is stored with Adobe, and if you forget it, you can reset your password with Adobe.

NOTE again: For students who were registered prior to March 2020, your Adobe ID is the old version of your student email (e.g. or 

How do I install Adobe Creative Cloud apps?

If you already have the Adobe Creative Cloud application installed, you can skip to steps 7 & 8.

  1. Browse to, then click Sign In in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. On the sign-in page, enter your OCAD U student email address. Note: If you are asked to choose Personal Account or Company/School Account, select Personal Account.

    Account chooser

  3. Sign in using your student email address and the password you chose when you set up your Creative Cloud account.
    1. If you don't remember the password  you can reset it using the Forgot password link.
    2. If you never set a password browse to and log in. You should be prompted to set a password.
  4. Click Desktop Downloads.
  5. Select Photoshop > Download. This downloads the Creative Cloud Desktop App which allows installation of any application.

    Download Adobe Photoshop

  6. Install it.
  7. You will be prompted to log in again. Select Adobe ID (Personal Account). Only Faculty and Staff select Enterprise/School/Company Account.
  8. Follow the instructions to install your Applications. If you're having trouble getting the Creative Cloud Desktop App, see this article from Adobe:

I already have an active Adobe ID with my student email address. Do I need to cancel any payment information?

Yes. If you previously used a redemption code through to unlock a 1-year subscription, and gave your credit card information to Adobe, they will charge your card once the subscription lapses from your previous redemption code.

To cancel your personal account, browse to: 

Are there any Adobe Services that are not supported with my Adobe ID?

It is our understanding that any service that OCAD U does not provide to students with our software agreement such as Adobe Stock, you may choose to personally pay for this service yourself.

What happens when I graduate from OCAD U?

Please read about Adobe Creative Cloud for Graduating Students.

What happens if I do not have an active status with OCAD U?

If for some reason you are not currently an active student at OCAD U, meaning that you have lost your status as a student, your Adobe license will end. Our licensing agreement only allows us to license students of the University, and if you are not currently a student, we're unable to continue your license. 

Whatever happened to Redemption Codes for Adobe CC?

Adobe is no longer supporting Redemption Codes for students: this article documents the new preferred method for licensing.

  • If you have previously activated a redemption code for Adobe CC for a personal address, you will need to use your student email address instead.
  • If you provided a payment method to Adobe, you will need to remove it. Please read the "I already have an active Adobe ID with my student email address. Do I need to cancel any payment information?" section below.
  • If you need to migrate assets, review this article: 

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