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Copy & Print: Supplies and Support
Updated: 07 April 2021 09:42 AM

Supplies and support

Request supplies

To order toner or paper for your printer or copier, please email:

Be sure to include the following information in your email:

  • Printer make and model number

  • Room number

  • Stock transfer number to charge (if applicable)

Supplies are delivered on the next delivery day, twice weekly during the fall and winter semesters, once weekly during the summer.


Print Errors: Troubleshooting & Refunds

If you have released a print and have been charged, but no print comes out, double-check the following:

  • Your file size. Prints larger than 100mb in size will likely time out and fail to print

  • Are you using Web Print? Web Print requires very specific parameters and often causes errors. Download the drivers to your laptop, or print from any public computer on campus by using the system print dialog (CRTL+P or Command+P). 

If you release a print that doesn't come out, wait 24 hours before contacting The system checks for any errors on a 24-hour cycle and will automatically refund your account if it detects an error in printing. If you have not received a refund after 24 hours, please contact with the following information:

  • Your full name and student number

  • The date and approximate time you attempted to print

  • The name of the file you attempted to print 

  • Details for the file you attempted to print (black and white or colour, number of pages, page size)

  • The location of the printer you were using


Request copier and printer support

To have a copier or printer serviced, please note the error message displayed on the machine and email:


If the situation is urgent, please contact:

Graham Stone, Specialist, Copy & Print Services

416-977-6000 Ext. 2111