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Student Username and Password: What is my username or password?
Updated: 15 July 2020 03:27 PM

What is my OCADUid (username)?

Students who enrolled prior to March 30, 2015:

Your OCADUid is two letters followed by two numbers, corresponding to your year of entry, followed by two letters (example: ab12xy). This was assigned to you during your application process. 

Students who enrolled March 30, 2015 and after:

Your OCADUid is the 7 digit number assigned to you during your application process.

Email addresses

Your OCADUid does not typically match your email address. Your email address is

Continuing Education Students:

Continuing Studies usernames start with X followed by 6 digits after.  You should have received this in an email upon registration.  If you previously had a cs_ prefixed account, please contact Continuing Studies at extension 2321 or email to have the staff look up your new X ID.

What is my password? 

Your password protects your OCADUid. Click this link if you have forgotten your password. Click this link if you want to change your password.