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Copy & Print: Colour Copying and Printing (Faculty & Admin Staff)
Updated: 23 June 2020 02:07 PM

How to Print Something in Colour for Class Use or for My Department

  1. Prepare your file for printing. 

  2. Obtain an account number from your department's (or faculty office's) administrator to pay for the cost of the print.

  3. Come to the Digital Print Centre with the account number and your file on digital media (usb).

Please note that we cannot complete any job without an account number.

Self Service colour printers are on campus and located in the Library, Learning Zone, 3rd Floor Info Commons (MCA) and MCA 640 Open Studio.

For self service printing, send your print job to the "Public Printers - Colour" queue and release at the device or on the computer located adjacent to it.

Cost of colour prints at the self service printers:

$0.40 Colour, Single-Sided
$0.75 Colour, Double-Sided 
$0.35 Grayscale, Single Sided
$0.60 Grayscale, Double-Sided 
$0.60 11x17 Colour, Single-Sided
$0.90 11x17 Colour, Double-Sided 
$0.45 Grayscale, Single-Sided
$0.75 Grayscale, Double-Sided

How to Print Something for Staff Personal Use

  1. Prepare your file for printing. 

  2. Load funds onto your personal count at Consult our price list for the amount required for your print job.

  3. Come to the Digital Print Centre with your file on digital media. 

How to Request a Quote

  1. Email

  2. Please ensure that you supply all relevant specifications including:

    • Quantity

    • Stock (Paper Type)

    • Colours (CMYK, Monochrome)

    • Imposition

    • Finishing

    • File format

    • Due date

Multiple competitive quotes can be arranged upon request.